76 - Custom Shop Aged Copper

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The 76 is designed to pay homage to the classic mid 70’s Japanese octave up fuzz pedals such as the Ibanez Standard Fuzz & Univox Super Fuzz. The 76 is by no means a polite or refined pedal; it is a chaotically musical, nasty, take-no-prisoners fuzz, loaded with overtones and octave up clang. In addition to standard fuzz and level controls the 76 also features a Texture knob to control mid frequencies, color toggle to tailor treble content, a global Bright/Dark dipswitch, and a final dipswitch for clipping selection. If you are looking for an inspiring, less than conventional fuzz that will spawn endless riffs, look no further that the 76! This PGS exclusive features a an Aged Copper Texture enclosure and Onyx print. 

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Power & Dimensions
  • Fuzz: Allows you to adjust the amount of distortion.

    Texture: Allows you to sweep the mid frequencies.

    Level: Allows you to adjust the volume level.

    Color Switch: This 3-position toggles switch allows you to cut treble frequencies and is bypassed in the center position.

    Internal Dip Switch - Clip: When the Clip switch is ON, a germanium diode clipping stage is selected for more compressed, spongier feeling and softer mids. When the clip switch is Off, a Silicon/Germanium clipping combo is selected for increased crunch, definition and output. The default setting is ON.

    Internal Dip Switch - Dark: When the Dark switch is ON, a treble cut is engaged at the input for a warmer, woolier fuzz tone. This setting is great for bright amps, darker stoner rock tones or bass applications. The default setting is OFF.

    True Bypass: Allows you to engage or bypass the effect. 

  • 9V DC Input: This pedal uses a negative center, 9VDC power supply with a 2.1mm barrel plug.

    Current Draw: Approx. 5mA

    Power supply not included

    Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.6 x 1.39" (121.1 x 66 x 35.3mm)