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All bassists know what it’s like to feel left behind by the gear world, and that’s why here at SGFX we make sure to take extra special care of our low-end friends out there.

With the original Beta DLX we gave bassists an all-in-one tonal powerhouse to keep their tone snappy and crisp, with a boatload of options to customize the perfect bass tone. And now with our LM308 Beta DLX, we’re putting an even more expansive range of tones at bassists’ fingertips, from light crunch to searing, chainsaw-like buzz, with dozens of killer options in between.

Each LM308 Beta DLX features an LM308 IC (the coveted secret-ingredient found in vintage RAT pedals), which takes the Beta DLX’s available gain and tonal range to stratospheric new heights.

At its core, the LM308 Beta DLX is a super-customizable drive circuit, paired with a juicy and flexible boost channel. Volume, Tone and Gain controls come standard on the drive circuit, alongside Body, Mids and Clip switches for fine-tuning your tone to perfection. Body adjusts the bass frequencies, while Mids does the same with the midrange frequencies. Clip changes the clipping threshold of the drive side. A bonus trimpot inside lets you adjust the overall gain for this side.

The Boost section of the LM308 Beta DLX features a level control to adjust the total amount of boost, a B. Tone control that alters the bass frequencies of the boost, as well as a Pre/Post switch to determine whether or not the boost side comes before or after the drive side—use the Pre side to push the drive side into sweet saturation, or use the Post side to kick your drive tone up a notch.

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Gives you a tasteful amount of volume on tap, enough to work with all kinds of setups.


Adjusts the bass and treble content of the drive side.


Adjusts both the amount of overdrive and the amount of treble. As you roll the Gain up, more high end enters the signal path, allowing for clarity within the saturation.


Governs the amount of boost engaged when in Boost mode. Be careful with this one!



This switch controls the order of both channels when they are used simultaneously. Toggling this switch puts the Boost before the Drive or vice-versa for two different stacked tones.


This three-position toggle controls the level of the bass frequencies pushed by the Boost channel. When set to the left, the bass is the stock value. In the center, you’ll find a bass cut, and the right position is a bass boost.


Controls the level of the bass frequencies in the Drive channel. The corresponding switch positions are the same as the B. Tone switch above.


Adjusts the amount of mids present in the Drive channel. The left position is flat, center position s boosted, and the right position is scooped.


This three-position switch controls which type of clipping diodes are present in the drive channel. The left position selects a silicon-germanium hybrid for a bit more compression and crunch, the right position selects silicon parts for a bit more dynamics and sizzle, and the center position removes them altogether for a raw, throaty tone.


Gain (trimpot):

Adjusts the overall gain of the drive channel, and thusly, the range of the external Gain control.

Bias 1 and Bias 2 trimpots are not user-adjustable.


Input: Instrument or other pedal goes here.

Output: Amplifier or other pedal goes here.

True bypass footswitches: Turns corresponding channels on and off.


The Beta DLX requires a center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 30mA of current (not included). Almost all power supplies meet this requirement, but check yours beforehand.


4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" (119mm x 94mm x 30mm)