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In 2006, Greg Djerrahian decided that waking up every morning to tie the same Windsor knot and sit in front excel files 2,000 columns long wasn’t for him. A decade and a half on, what started as betting on a love for tinkering has become a staple in the pedal world. Driven by passion, the team at SolidGoldFX is committed creating tools to both expand and refine anyone’s sonic palette.
We are lucky enough to do this for a living, and that’s why we create every pedal by hand in our shop here in Montreal. We pride ourselves on the quality of every aspect of our pedals. From the overall tone to the individual components, we take the time to make sure we are living up to SolidGold standards.
Above all else, everyone at SolidGoldFX is a gear head always looking for innovative audio solutions. That’s why our pedals and the company as a whole is ever evolving to be the best we can possibly be.




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