Bassists rejoice across the globe! The. Beta. Is. Back.

Ah, the Ampeg B25B. It's the stuff of legend, a bass amp that'll give you the warm, punchy sound you crave. You know what else it'll give you? A hernia, that's what. Let's be real here: this bad boy is not for the faint of heart. It's heavy, it's unwieldy, and it's not exactly what you'd call "portable." If you're a gigging musician, you better have a team of roadies to lug this thing from show to show. Otherwise, you're in for a world of hurt - both physically and financially, if you drop the thing. Sure, the Ampeg B25B is great...if you're content to let it sit in one spot and bask in its own glory. But if you're looking for an amp that won't break your back (or your bank account), you might want to look elsewhere.

While looking elsewhere is great, we've found that modern bass amps, while ultra portable and hella' affordable, lack that classic tube saturation that can turn a good bass tone, into one of legend. Enter the beloved BETA-V. This bass pre-amp adds the perfect amount of punch and grit to whatever you throw through it. But here's the has since the MKI. So we completely reworked the architecture of the BETA.

Our classic Beta bass architecture has been reworked and expanded, delivering a wider range of tones. The low-pass filter now has 2 settings for bumped or scooped-mids as well as a center bypass setting for a more transparent experience. Plus, the Drive control has been reworked for lower gain applications or hotter basses.

Most importantly, the BETA-V sports an active 2-band post gain EQ allowing you to boost or cut your highs and lows with a flat response in the center. Dialing in anything from punchy overdriven Lemmy tones to the fattest, deepest soul shaking dub is only a few knob twists away. Complete with top-mounted jacks, soft touch true bypass switching and 9-18 V DC operations, the BETA-V is a true thump machine, ready to rock your world.

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